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Hello. I had a post with some of my fics, but I gonna do a new list with all of my fics I have written.
However, this is a only a fics realted LJ with the main groups as Super Junior, NewS, Kisumai and new are coming up:P
I want to learn so much as possible about the groups before I write a fics about them, so it's why I haven't write big bang fics or dbsk fics yet.
A YunJae are coming up I hope soon.
But it feels like I most read more fics with them before I write my own.
Call me weird or something for not write without have learn everything about the groups but it feels weird to write a fics about a group you don't know anyhting about ne;)
Hoepfully I can finish my are you for real fics soon...but my KyuHae serie takes the most of the time right now, and
HONTONI GOMENASAI but I have decided to dropp my "Are you for real" fics.
I have lsot the fantasy and the red thread in it so^^"
And I'll look through my other LJ for the oldest fics I haven't saved on my extra hd, so I think I'm gonna post some old fics with JunDa and TegoPi soonXD
At least I can say now is that I have only write one fics with JunDa but have read to many JunDaXD
UedaxJin pairing is little weird...don't you think so, even if they who writes the pairing is so good at it...I think it's little hard to write it before you are used to it...^-^
I'm sorry for rabbling like this><
Now it's time fo the list with all my fics:D

Prelimenery fics list

A summer dream[complete]
Are we only friends? [complete multichapters]
Are you for real? [pending multuichapters] OBS! dropped
Beside an angel[oneshot complete] ~New~
Confession [complete oneshot]
Don't say good-bye[Oneshot complete] ~New~
Forbidden friendship [pending multichapters]
Happy birthday my own Taisuke [on-going oneshot]like a requestion to a friend
Hate me Love me [complete oneshot]

I am counting on you [oneshot]
I want to be with you one day [complete oneshot]
I want to hear three simple words [complete oneshot]
It's valentine day [complete oneshot]
Kiss me [complete multichapters]
Miracle [complete oneshot] for sweet Nana-chan<3
My life like a star [complete oneshot]
Time [complete oneshot]
You are my angel [complete oneshot]
You can deny it if you want [complete oneshot]

KyuHae serie

Never had a dream come true [complete]
What do a normal couple? [complete]
Finally [complete]
Black hole [complete]

Coming up
I longer You longer [KyuHae]
Can't stop think about you [KyuHae]
Let's go on a trip [KyuHae]
Canada [KyuHae]
Nightmare [KyuHae]
I don't know longer what I want [KyuHae]
Where is Kyuhyun? [KyuHae]

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I am back! + No.6 fics

Hi everyone, missed me? I am back with a No.6 fiction, I hope I can finish this at least and I will begin to post my KyuHae fics to. One more thing, I will even post up my d.gray-man fics. It has been so long since I was online here and I want to write some Kisumai fics to, so wait for some activity here finally. I hope you have not lost faith and interest in me, even if I suspect that. 

However, I will begin to post the first chapter of my No.6 fics now and I hope I will get the next chapter finish before the weekend. So now I need to begin to write again, haha. So comment please what you think about this new fics if I have improved a little bit. 

Betrayal knows my name
Author: Kisumai_love
Pairing: ShionxNezumi
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  Shion gets betrayed by his best friend, Safu has told the government about Nezumi’s where about, so what will Shion do now?

Chapter 1Collapse )

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A very long hiatus...

I am so sorry for this loong hiatus, I haven't written anything for I don't know, boring, but right now I am more into watching anime and take photography. But I will try to update something with KyuHae and mine D.GRAY-Man fics.
And something more must I try to write, I miss it very much!

But now I need to concentrate on my lesson, I hope I will be able to write something soon and post it here!
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[Oneshot] Hitsugaya's nightmare + some rabbling

Hi minna, have you missed me?
I have sort of missed LJ a lot, but right now I am busy to work on my multi chapters fics of D.Gray-Man, I want to finish it before posting it.
And right now I am really into my manga/anime period so I kind of forgetting write on the fics, but one day I will post it here.
But right now to kill some time I have written a short Bleach fics with Hitsugraya Toushiro as the main character.
So do not forget to comment what you think about my first Bleach fics ever:)

Hitsugaya’s nightmare

Author:  Kisumai_love

Pairing: A bit of Hinamori and Hitsugaya

Rating: Angst

Summary: Hitsugaya’s worse nightmare has come true.



You stand utterly defenceless all of youCollapse )
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Begin [Oneshot]


Auhtor: Kisumai_ love
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yunho describes his most precious person in a little letter to his family.

I want to describe my most precious person in my life.

He’s like a flower, like a rose, like a star.
That are a few word you can describe him.

He’s one of the most beautiful people I know.

He shines like a star and the sun.

Nothing is like him.

His smile doe so I forget everything.

He’s soft hands, he’s calm voice, and everything does so I melt away.

That’s the thought I thought when I where on my way to our second meeting for our life long relationship together.

And now we have been together for seven years and we have many years left together.

I wish we can be together for always and forever.

From your beloved Yunho

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A summer dream

Author: kisumai:love

Title: A summer dream[one shot]

Pairing: MiraxMiyyachi

Rating: PG

Summary; A summer dream

Chapter 2Collapse )

A/N Yay, now I'm finally back with a fics and it's the last chapter of my fics A summer dream with MiraxMiyyachi pairing.
I hope you like it, because it was so long since I wrote a fics with a friend as the mainpersonX)
So be nice to me and I love comments like every fics writer does;)

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I am back!

Hi minna~I am finally back, and I am on my way to write another part of the MiraxMiyyachi fics A summer dream, a AllenxKanda fics and a TegoPi fics. Hopefully I'll be active here again, I should have put this LJ under a long hiatus, I hope you haven't forgotten me*puppy eyes*
And I'll maybe rewrite some old fics and change them a bit, I haven't decided it yet.
So please wait with a little bit of patience for my new project and I'll of course try to bring back my KyuHae fics to.
Do you have another fics I have forgotten you want me to bring back to life?:)
Tell me in a comment and I want to know who write My name is Yamashita Yuya!
I suspect it's yuyamassu but I don't really remember><
If it's her, does anyone has the fics saved on you computer because I suddenly feels very badly to read it again!;O
That's everything for now, soon I'll post my first D.Gray-Man fics.
Have it best now minna:D
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